Man helps his wife with household chores…
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Man helps his wife with household chores after working a 13 hour shift

August 19, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

In American culture, especially in the films and advertisements of the 1950's, people were presented with a particular image of the nuclear family. The husband comes home from a long day's work and is greeted by his impeccably beautiful wife who already has dinner waiting on the table for him and the TV tuned to his favorite show. 

Although people look at the 50's as a time where morals and family values were upheld, it painted a picture that wasn't so realistic. Men might have been tired from working in an office all day, but women were just as equally as tired and, let's face it, deserved a little help around the house. 

Thankfully, society has eveolved since then. Men are no longer thought to be the breadwinners of the family, and women get help around the house more than what they use to. This is why marriage these days is looked at more as an equal partnership. One spouse is not superior to the other (and vice verse), but are instead a team. A prime example of this new view on marriage is the relationship that Jessica Maddux has with her husband. Like any other day, Jessica's husband returned home after a 13-hour shift at work. Instead of asking her where his dinner was, he asked her how he could be useful around the house. 

Although some might question if this happens very frequently in the Maddux household, Jessica claims that this their normal. Her husband always makes sure that he is making himself useful around the house; whatever he can do to alleviate some of Jessica's stress, he does it with a smile.  

Something was special about this particular time, when her husband asked her what he could do to help her. That's when she decided to share her appreciation for him with the world through social media. To Jessica, her husband was not just a great provider. He was a great father, a thoughtful lover, and her biggest supporter. He is a great example of what a husband should be: someone who takes responsability for the life he decides to live. And when you're choosing a family, there's no excuse for taking time for yourself. 

Of course, there are days where all of us would just like to sit back and not have to think about our responsibilities. When you're raising a family, though, there is no time for yourself. Kids need lots of attention and there's always some issue that needs resolving. Luckily, if there's agreement and understanding between you and your partner, these responsibilities become easier to tackle, because you tackle them together. Changing diapers, cooking, washing the dishes, and cleaning the house doesn't seem like such a big chore when you have someone else helping you. This kind of behavior is what separates boys from men.  

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