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A man builds a shower truck for the…
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A man builds a shower truck for the homeless: the idea to restore dignity to those who have nothing

September 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

For those who live on the street, an offer of money, food or clothes are always welcome gifts. However, there are equally necessary things, such as personal hygiene, feeling of being clean and tidy.

For homeless people, it is often easier to find a meal or a blanket than a hot shower or bath. These little things, which may seem secondary to external eyes, are in fact important for both physical and mental well-being.

via: Metro

In the United States, a volunteer activist named Jake Austin came up with a brilliant and laudable idea to help the homeless in his hometown. He made some structural changes to a truck, transforming it into a mobile "shower to the people" unit.

In practice, the vehicle is equipped with two showers and several sinks. Anyone who sees the vehicle can use it for free. All necessary products such as soap, shower gel, towels, razors etc. are also provided. The van draws water from public road hydrants, and heats it thanks to an internal boiler that works powered by a generator.


Any tramp, rough sleeper or homeless person, if you prefer, can take the opportunity to shave, wash thoroughly and feel better. Jake has been taking care of the poor for a long time.

With this initiative, he thought a little outside the box, providing people in need with something different but equally useful. Thanks to his simple but brilliant idea, many have the opportunity to live their less fortunate circumstances, with a little more dignity.


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