A man saves a fawn in the woods: every…
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A man saves a fawn in the woods: every time he stops stroking it's belly, it "cries"

June 29, 2020 • By Alison Forde

What would you do if you met a little fawn in the woods, caught among the thorns, without a mother and in terrible difficulty? We are sure that you would not think twice, and you would help to free him and get him back to his mother. Or, you would pick him up and rock him in the meantime. Which is more or less what Justin Lewis did, a Kentucky man who, together with his colleague, rescued a fawn  who was temporarily lost in the woods ...

via: ABC News

Justin Lewis and a colleague were working in a Kentucky forest to clear a passage and then install a power line, when suddenly they came across a small fawn that had been separated from its mother and got caught in the thorns. Promptly, Justin could not do other than free him from the thorns and, waiting to find out where his mother had gone, took him in his arms. With hilarious and very sweet results!

Justin commented on the funny thing that happened: "He followed us for about an hour on the job like a lost puppy until I noticed a deer looking at us from the hill. Assuming it was his mother, I took him halfway up the hill as he watched her closely. I sat him down, he ran straight to her and they left together. "

The video published on YouTube that has gone around the web shows the little fawn in Justin's arms who, whenever the man stopped stroking his belly, "complained" as if he were a pet ... how spoiled!

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