The way you hold your hands and fingers could reveal some traits of your personality -
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The way you hold your hands and fingers…
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The way you hold your hands and fingers could reveal some traits of your personality


Body language is something that can tell us a lot about the person we have in front of us, for this reason, it should never be underestimated.

Clearly, it is not always so easy to analyze the body language of another person, but there are several tips - in addition to pages of literature - that can reveal some secrets to us.

For example, the way we hold our hands and fingers can also reveal some personality traits.

Try doing this little test on how you position your hands and fingers when you hold them together to find the image here below that matches and discover what it reveals about your personality.

1. Left thumb over the right one

If this is the way you hold your hands and fingers, then it means that you are an extremely practical person. You are not the type who makes a decision on the spot, but you evaluate all the pros and cons that could result from your decision.

Other people cannot easily fool you, because you almost always immediately discover when someone is lying. For these reasons, you are very much appreciated and sought after by your friends and family, who often look to you for advice.

In fact, most of the time, you always give very good advice. This does not mean that you are a serious person, indeed - your marked intelligence gives you a "wicked" sense of humor, so much so that you often become a real "star" during the most varied social situations.

You are also a romantic person, who knows exactly how to behave in a love relationship.

2. Both thumbs aligned

If you are used to holding your hands and fingers in this way, then you are one of those people who strongly believe that the devil is the details. You are a perfectionist and you expect others around you to be just as precise and focused as you are.

You are a born leader, who always manages to notice and take into consideration the needs of others. Before reaching a conclusion, you always listen to what the person in front of you has to say, trying to understand his or her point of view.

Your honesty and sincerity could be disarming to some people but, at the same time, these are the very qualities that make you so fascinating.

You also appreciate frankness and honesty in relationships. You never hesitate to have your say and speak your mind and you do not prevent your loved one from doing the same.


3. Right thumb over the left one

If you see yourself mirrored in this last image, then it means that you have a highly developed emotional sensitivity. You can easily understand what a person feels even when they try to hide their true feelings.

This unique ability makes it easy for others to open up to you, making you highly sought after and appreciated.

In relationships, you understand your partner's unexpressed feelings better than anyone. You will never have problems meeting all their emotional needs.


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