The body part you wash first when you…
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The body part you wash first when you shower could reveal a lot about your character

April 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

What part of your body do you wash immediately as soon as you step into the shower? An apparently very trivial question that could, in fact, hide answers about our character, our attitudes and our view of the world and that which surrounds us. Simply put, the part of the body we wash first when we shower tells us more than we think about ourselves. Or at least that's what Anu Mukherjee says, a lifestyle expert who has captured the attention of the entire web with her theory ...

via: The Sun UK

According to this lifestyle expert, people who tend to wash their faces first love to make money, establish good careers and achieve their goals; they are often a mystery to others because they are wary of disclosing their views on the world. Then there are all those people who wash their shoulders first and in that case, as the expert says, these are people who in everyday life "carry the world on their backs", that is, they have many responsibilities and are never happy until the problems they have are resolved satisfactorily. But what if you are among those who wash the armpits first?

In this third case you tend to be a very serious and reliable people, attentive to the needs of others but perhaps also, deep down, also a bit naïve - and for this reason can often be very suspicious of other people. On the other hand, the situation is different for those who, as soon as they enter the shower cubicle, wash their chests first: they are generally honest people but also quite stressed because they are convinced that they can complete all the tasks that life puts in front of them every day, but with difficulty and sacrifice ...

Things get much more complicated for people who wash their hair first; in the opinion of this lifestyle expert, these are the people who can be categorized as the incurable romantics or those who always have their heads in the clouds and are prone to daydreaming: "These people are often deep in their thoughts and have the temperament of an artist or of a very creative person in general. "

But what if we are people who, once we enter the shower, never wash the same part of the body first? "You have a very adventurous personality, you always like to change, especially with regards to romantic relationships" said Anu Mukherjee.

And you? In which of these "shower" typologies do you find yourself?


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