Young woman who hasn't brushed her teeth for 10 years, says: "I get a lot of compliments, they're white and perfect"

Mark Bennett

April 12, 2022

Young woman who hasn't brushed her teeth for 10 years, says:

Dental hygiene is undoubtedly an aspect of everyday life that should not be overlooked or neglected: toothache is one of the worst pains ever and, above this, taking care of your mouth is very important. To ensure avoiding of tooth decay, bacteria, gum inflammation, stains, bad breath and various other kinds of dental problems, experts recommend using dental floss every day and brushing one's teeth after meals.

Skipping these steps, in the long run, can lead to serious - and even costly - complications over time, but this doesn't seem to concern an English girl named Alice at all. For more than ten years, Alice has not brushed her teeth.

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Alice Kid, a resident of London, UK, said she rebelled against the use of a toothbrush when she was thirteen: "I never brush my teeth. It's a terrible admission to make and it's one of those social taboos no one should talk about. But the truth is, I don't care and haven't done it for a decade. "

The young woman does not need to clean her teeth in any way, she argues, since they appear perfect: white and healthy.

But where does this young woman's unusual choice come from?

Ever since childhood, Alice often forgot to brush her teeth. It was not a consistent habit for her, and she only used toothpaste when she remembered it. Then, at the age of twelve, she had to start wearing braces for a year. It was this experience that later triggered Alice to say farewell forever - so to speak - to dental hygiene.

"The orthodontist who I consulted with insisted I brush my teeth while I had the braces in place. Maybe that's why I rebelled", Alice said.

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The only system Alice uses to "take care" of her oral hygiene is chewing gum, which gives her a feeling of freshness. Despite a decade spent without the use of a toothbrush, the girl claims that she has never had problems with bad breath.

“My partner has never made any negative comments,” she said.

The young woman's lifestyle and her healthy eating habits have somehow preserved the health of her teeth, which have also receive numerous compliments.

Alice does not drink alcohol, she does not smoke cigarettes and she includes a lot of vegetables in her diet. In her opinion, these are the secrets of preserving her perfect set of teeth.

Every year she goes to the dentist for a check-up, but he never anything wrong: “He never asks me if I brush my teeth, so I don't reveal my secret. She nags me about not flossing but then usually removes any plaque that has built up during the 15 minute checkups. If she told me I had to brush my teeth, I would have followed her advice. But for now, everyone comments on how beautiful and healthy my teeth are, so why bother wasting time and incurring the expense of brushing them?" concluded Alice.

What do you think? Would you have problems in the future if you gave up your dental hygiene habits?