Mom in distress asks for help using a food order app: "Please call the police!"

Mark Bennett

April 12, 2022

Mom in distress asks for help using a food order app:

Finding yourself in dangerous situations is undoubtedly very scary. Experiences of this kind put a strain on one and leave their mark over time, but at the moment the danger looms, the only thought is to be able to save oneself. To do this, the key thing is to be able to keep your nerves in check, don't panic and remain calm, so as to develop a possible effective strategy to get help.

This is what a woman in Florida, USA, who fell victim to a man who was holding her and her children hostage. This woman found a brilliant way of finding a method to alert the staff of a pizzeria to her peril.

via ABC news


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Cheryl Treadway was 25 when this event happened. At the time, she was engaged to Ethan Nickerson, who was a year older than her, and she was also the mother of three children.

Her relationship with the man, however, soon turned into a nightmare: one morning he threatened her with a knife, preventing her from leaving the house. Cheryl was supposed to pick up her kids from school, but Nickerson didn't want to let her out without him.

He stole her cell phone and went with her to pick up her children, then they all came home together. Cheryl and her children were held hostage by her partner for several hours.

At one point, the woman came up with a brilliant plan to ask for help: she told the man she had to get something to eat for her children and she convinced him to return her smartphone just so she could place an order for pizzas.

Once she got her cell phone, the young mother opened the Pizza Hut home delivery application (app) to place the order.

Pixabay-Not the actual photo

At that moment she put her plan into action: in the comments section and also in the field relating to the customer's name she wrote “Please help. Call 911. "

The chef of the restaurant noticed the message, and became immediately alarmed. Pizza Hut staff immediately notified the police, who rushed around to the the woman's home.

At first Nickerson refused to leave the house: it took the officers twenty minutes to convince him to give up and let the children go. The man was finally arrested on charges of aggravated assault.

Cheryl, thanks to her brilliant idea, managed to save herself and her children and the story ended in the best possible way.