Mom and son walk an hour and a half every day to go to school: a neighbor offers to always give him a lift -
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Mom and son walk an hour and a half…
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Mom and son walk an hour and a half every day to go to school: a neighbor offers to always give him a lift

February 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes, it takes very little to change a person's life for the better, even a simple gesture can be enough. We don't have to think about who knows what great actions, because often it's the little things that make the difference. This is demonstrated by the generosity of a mother who promptly helped another in difficulty, once she learned of her situation.

Kim and her son Gabe, in fact, walked every day for 45 minutes, to reach the boy's school, where he is enrolled in second grade. Unfortunately, the state does not guarantee transport for students who attend the school, so Kim and Gabe are forced to walk for several hours a day, despite the fact that they often feel tired.

Kim is a very determined mom: she is trying to raise her son Gabe on her own and at the same time studying part-time. The woman certainly cannot afford to buy a car, so she accompanies her son Gabe on foot to school. It doesn't matter what the weather is for the day, because Gabe still has to take lessons. With the arrival of winter, however, Kim began to worry more as the journey to make the round trip every day, was certainly not ideal in the snow.

The mother then tried to contact the school, to talk to the administration, but never received a positive response. Eventually, the woman reported her situation to a local newspaper, which spread her story. At this point, a woman named Becky Novotny, also the mother of a child attending the same class as Gabe, decided to make a difference. Being the mother of a classmate of Gabe's, Becky offered to take both children to school, and to bring them home too.


In the end, it was a small gesture, a simple answer to what seemed like an insurmountable problem for Kim. Together, however, they managed to solve it: it really is true that "unity is strength"!


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