A gorilla sees a new mother and her…
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A gorilla sees a new mother and her newborn: she responds by showing her her cub through the glass

May 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We human beings certainly have, in common with many animal species, a strong maternal instinct that drives us to protect our little ones and to look after them with love and patience. True, not all animals know how to be so tender with their offspring, but primates, including the wonderful gorillas, share this tendency 100%. The Austin family noticed this right away during a visit to the Boston Zoo. Emmeline and her husband Michael went to visit the zoo together with little Canyon, their baby of a few months old, and they were the stars of an touching scene: Kiki, a gorilla mother at the zoo, approached the glass that separated her from Emmeline and began to stare at them with a look of love. In that moment, Emmeline realized she was sharing a very special bond with that animal - a bond that only a mom can understand!

Michael and Emmeline walked over to the glass of the gorilla enclosure and immediately thought, "How cool would it be if one of them came over to look at our baby?" No sooner said than done: a gorilla mother named Kiki was immediately attracted to the pink bundle that Emmeline carried in her arms. She approached and began to stare at the couple through the glass, causing a lot of reactions among those present. As if that wasn't enough, shortly afterwards, Kiki picked up her son Pablo in her arms, almost as if she wanted to show him to Emmeline.

image: Youtube

"My wife said she felt like she had a special bond with that gorilla and her cub ... she understood how much that gorilla mom cared about her baby, Pablo, since she is now a mother too," said Emmeline's husband, Michael Austin, Canyon's father. The young man continued the story of that magical moment, describing the next scene: "My wife held our son in her arms to show him to Kiki, who was on the other side of the glass ... then Kiki picked up Pablo and held him on her leg for us to see." A really emotional scene that lasted several minutes, during which, Kiki seemed to speak through the movement of her hands. It seemed like she wanted to caress the little Canyon who was sleeping peacefully in Emmeline's arms.


At one point, Pablo got so close to the glass, that his nose almost touched Canyon's (again through the glass, of course): a scene that literally moved Michael and Emmeline.

We leave with the video of the magical moment: let yourself be moved!


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