A bride gives $100 to the waitress who…
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A bride gives $100 to the waitress who poured tomato sauce on her mother-in-law's white dress

May 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What would you do to stop the spotlight being stolen from you on the most important day of your life? After all, when it comes to events, achievements, goals and celebrations that concern us particularly closely, we all love the scene to be exclusively focused on us, and we don't tolerate someone stealing it from us. Think about a wedding day and the choice of dress; for a bride it is essential that no one outshines her, the attention must be focused only on her and on the groom to the fullest ...

For this reason, clothing choices that may eclipse those of the couple who are getting married on that day are frowned upon; think of the perverse satisfaction that this woman, the protagonist of this funny story, will have felt when she discovered that the all-white dress that the mother-in-law had worn during her wedding had been unintentionally smeared with sauce due to the clumsiness of the waitress serving at the wedding .

The same waitress posted a short video on TikTok where she explains what happened during the wedding reception, the unforgivable mistake she made and the surprise she witnessed a few hours later ...

Waiter Chloe Bee told on TikTok that she accidentally poured some of the hot sauce on the bride's mother-in-law's all-white dress; luckily the woman was not burned or scalded, but the embarrassment was so great for the old lady that she had to run home to change and put on a new dress. Even for Chloe things did not go well immediately after: in the video, the girl said that she suffers from dyspraxia, a condition that often inconveniences her in public and makes her unusually clumsy and awkward, a syndrome that shortly afterwards forced her to leave her job as a waitress. 

But what the girl did not expect that day were the very warm compliments from the bride: the latter not only thanked Chloe for having inadvertently poured the sauce on her mother-in-law's dress but also gave her a $100 tip for what she had done: after all, as the bride said, no guest should dress in white and eclipse the bride!

image: eHow/YouTube

If you were the bride, how would you have reacted to the embarrassing accident experienced by the mother-in-law in her totally white dress? Maybe wearing that color was a bad idea!

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