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Hero jumps off a bridge to rescue a…
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Hero jumps off a bridge to rescue a child who has fallen into the river after a terrible car accident

May 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes the most striking and moving acts of courage are those that arise from unknown people or from those from whom you would never expect such gestures. Nowadays, we are all too accustomed to the absurd reality that television, social media and the internet world gives us, nothing can surprise and move us as it once did, we are too bored and complacent. For this reason, the incredible rescue story that we want to tell you today has touched us deeply ...

via: CNN

The miraculous event took place in Ocean City in Maryland, US, when many cars were involved in a large rear-end collision which then led to a dangerous accident; among the people who were unfortunately involved in this event, were eight injured people who were taken to hospital and a child of only 23 months who for a few minutes was in extreme danger...

The car the little one was in jumped over the guardrail of the bridge that the cars were crossing, and the car was left hanging in the balance between the bridge and the river below about 7 meters below ...


When the 23-month-old baby fell into the river and risked drowning, a man who has not yet been identified (probably one of the drivers involved in the accident on the bridge), didn't think twice and dived into the river below to save that tiny child's life. Thankfully the water wasn't terribly deep (about five feet), but that didn't stop the brave man, this good Samaritan who rescued the child from the river before it was too late ...


The doctors and firefighters who rushed to the scene of the car accident declared that the nameless angel was the real hero of the situation: "The real hero in this situation is the good Samaritan who intervened to provide essential life-saving measures to the baby. We'd like to shake his hand or offer him a beer or both someday!"

It seems that this angel who saved the life of the little one in peril has not yet been identified, but whoever it is: thank you for everything you did!


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