A mother of 11 has been pregnant every…
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A mother of 11 has been pregnant every year since she got married, and has no intention of stopping there!

May 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Expecting a baby, being pregnant, carrying it in your womb for nine months and then giving birth to it is one of the most beautiful things that can happen in the life of any woman who longs to become a mother; when the greatest desire within a family is to have more than one child, mum and dad rejoice every time a new child is welcomed into the home. However, there are families that are particularly prolific and who have broken various records around the world, such as the one we want to tell you about today ...

via: Metro UK

Meet Courtney Rogers, a woman who lives with her husband Chris, a Protestant pastor, in Santa Fe, New Mexico; the two met at a religious event back in 2007, got married the following year and since then they have been blessed with 11 children, one for each year since their wedding ... and they have no intention of stopping here apparently!

In addition to mom Courtney and dad Chris, six boys and five girls live inside the Rogers house: 11-year-old Clint, nine-year-old Clay, eight-year-old Cade, Callie, seven, Cash, six, the twins Colt and Case , five, Calena, four, two-year-old Caydie, Coralee with only 23 months and finally Caris of just six months.

How do they manage to organize a typical day in such a large family? Courtney says that the most complicated part is in the morning, when mom and dad wake up at 7:30 and have a lot to do to prepare breakfast for everyone, wash them and dress them even, if in this, the older children can definitely give a hand now...


To save on consumption and family expenses, Chris and Courtney decided to raise all 11 of their children at home together every day, as they are home educated, and have never been to school. In this respect, this tireless mother is not only an attentive and loving mother, but also a model teacher and governess. The woman further stated that studying at home is good for her children's development, because home education means that each lesson can be easily adapted to the needs of the little ones and means her children are not forced to sit still for hours and hours inside a classroom.

There has also been a lot of criticism of the Rogers family's lifestyle, but Courtney has an answer for them too: "The people who ask me how I can pay enough attention to all my children are usually the ones who send their children to school. I don't understand their logic when I'm with my children 24/7 ... "

And it seems that, despite the many daily difficulties, Chris and Courtney do not want to stop here and want to expand their already unusually large family even more: "We want to have more if we can, we'd love to have 12 children and why not, even 14!"

After all, if this mom and dad manage to keep such an abundant family happy and healthy, nothing seems so impossible to achieve in life, don't you agree?


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