The father agrees to be a model and gets his nails done so his daughter can pass her beauty exam. -
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The father agrees to be a model and…
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The father agrees to be a model and gets his nails done so his daughter can pass her beauty exam.

December 31, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A father would do anything for the sake of his child, even having a lot of patience and sitting down for a very long session of nail art, not as an observer, but as a guinea pig. Exactly, the father in this incredible and loving story decided to be a model for his daughter, in order to allow her to practice for her upcoming beautician exam. What wouldn't we do for our children, dear moms and dads?

via: Zocalo
image: Zocalo News

A girl named Lucy had to submit her final project to pass the manicurists exam; if she passed that test with flying colors, she would finally become a full-fledged beautician! To fulfill her dream, Lucy had to do a manicure for women's nails, but in the absence of female models who wanted their nails done, the girl chose Don Lalo, her father, as a "guinea pig".

And the father, a bit resigned but at the same time proud of the big step his daughter was about to take, happily let his nails be worked on for a few hours ...

image: Zocalo News

The results were fantastic, and not even Lucy could believe that the images of her father's nails, which were posted on social media, could generate so much attention. Most web viewers applauded the girl's skill in manicuring, but at the same time they also recognized her father's great spirit of sacrifice: only a parent will do the unthinkable for their child.

A father's "sacrifice" which in the end earned Lucy a beautician diploma thanks above all to the hand generously given by her father. Quite literally in this case.

What wouldn't we do for our children?

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