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A teenager constantly slams his bedroom…
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A teenager constantly slams his bedroom door and as punishment, his father cuts the door in half


All of us have been teenagers and without a doubt, at a certain point, we showed the world a lot of our adolescent anger and anguish.

Mom and Dad, perhaps, were not always too happy about it, especially due to the discussions and arguments that are often the order of the day between a teenage son or daughter and an exhausted parent.

All of this is more or less normal, but parents choose to deal with the issues in different ways. While some parents prefer psychological punishment, such as a ban on going out, others are definitely more creative in assigning exemplary punishments.

The following is perhaps one of the most unique punishments a father has ever given to his son.

image: Reddit

When your adolescent and temperamental teenager has a bad day or is simply revved up, he will take refuge in his room and you will magically lose your power over that territory, at the very moment in which he or she noisily slam the door of his or her room.

However, when this teenage boy slammed his bedroom door in his father's face for the umpteenth time, after an argument, things suddenly changed.

In fact, the boy's father had decided that it was time to give his son a truly "creative" lesson and punishment. In fact, without further ado, he armed himself with the right tools, and he literally cut his son's bedroom door in half.

In the picture, you can appreciate the stunned and depressed look on the face of this teenager who has suddenly lost his privacy and cannot believe what has happened! 

Needless to say, this teenager will not be slamming his bedroom door in his father's face again for a long time.

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