These "non-identical twins" do not have the same skin color as in the curious case of Lucy and Maria -
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These "non-identical twins" do not have…
Husband and wife fall in love with the same woman and they decide to live together After sixteen long years and numerous attempts, a woman finally gives birth at the age of 50

These "non-identical twins" do not have the same skin color as in the curious case of Lucy and Maria


When a woman receives the news that she will soon be a mother, especially if it is a desire that has always accompanied her during her adult life, one can only imagine the joy she experiences.

But if the doctor tells her that she will not be the mother of one, but of two female babies, then her happiness becomes irrepressible.

Donna Aylmer jumped for joy when she found out that she was pregnant with twins but she did not believe her eyes when she finally saw her twin baby girls.

Although twins, the little baby girls were completely different! In fact, one child, Lucy, had light skin, blue eyes, and red hair, while the other, Maria, had dark skin, brown eyes, and curly hair.

The mother of the twins, Donna, is half Jamaican, while the father, Vince, is white and Lucy's and Maria's siblings - George, Chynna, and Jordan - all have darker skin than Lucy but lighter than Mary's.

The twins were born in January 1997 and although they did not resemble each other almost at all physically,  they have always remained very attached to each other.

The fact that they had different skin tones prompted many questions when they were in school. Lucy, due to her very clear skin tone, was nicknamed "ghost" and all her classmates thought that she was adopted.

Maria, on the other hand, suffered because she wanted to look more like Lucy, and at night she cried because she wanted to have her sister's red hair, and not her own dark curls.


Today they have grown up and are almost 20 years old and continue to be very different from each other. While Lucy is very reserved and passionate about art, Maria is more extrovert and loves fashion.

And although the twins represent two opposite extremes, they are very close and besides being sisters, they are also best friends.

Over time they have learned to love themselves and their differences - and now they both feel proud of who they are.


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