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A nurse adopts a premature baby girl…
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A nurse adopts a premature baby girl who had not received any visits for five months


There are people who ardently desire to have a child, but who, after trying and trying again, are clearly not destined to see their dreams come true.

However, no one says that if a woman fails to naturally have children of her own that she cannot think of resorting to alternatives such as, for example, adoption.

Liz Smith, director of the nursing department at the Franciscan Children's Hospital in Brighton, Massachusetts (USA), was one of these people, and when she met little Gisele during her hospital shift, it was one of those life-changing moments.

"Who is this little angel?" Liz asked the nurse when she saw Gisele, a 5-month-old baby girl, for the first time.

The baby girl was born prematurely in another hospital and was later taken to the Franciscan Children's Hospital in Brighton where she had stayed for five long months without ever having received a visit.

Moreover, as soon as she was born, Gisele was diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome, a particular pathological condition of newborn babies caused by the abrupt cessation, at the moment of birth, of the administration of drugs, or drugs in general, taken by the mother during pregnancy.

Due to the birth mother's drug addiction, the state of Massachusetts officially took Gisele into custody at the age of three months and transferred her to Franciscan Children also because her lungs needed the care of a pediatric specialist.

The premature baby did not receive even one visit during those 5 months of her hospital stay. In fact, Social Services were, actively looking for a family willing and able to adopt the little baby.

Later that evening when Liz, returned home after work, she thought of little Gisele and told herself that the time had come - she would adopt that beautiful child.

Liz was 19 years old when she lost her own mother due to liver cancer, and she decided that the best way to honor her was to live a good life and follow her selfless example. "My mother was a pediatric nurse who always put others first. So I also grew up wanting to be a nurse," Smith recalled.

After making an adoption request for Gisele, Liz went to visit her in the hospital every day after work - she sat next to her crib and spoke to her in a low and gentle voice.


In the end, Liz obtained permission from the state to adopt Gisele, because the baby's real parents were judged unable to look after their daughter.

Now, after 533 days of sharing a home and lots of love, finally, they also share the same last name because Liz has become officially Gisele's mother.

Although Gisele, who is now 2 years old, still needs to use an extra feeding tube, she presently weighs 51 lb (23 kg) and has developed a passion for cheese, avocado, and pizza. Best wishes to both of you!


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