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A daughter wears shorts that are too…
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A daughter wears shorts that are too short, but her dad teaches her an exemplary lesson!

June 24, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Being a parent is not easy, especially when you are dealing with teenagers and their questionable choices in terms of clothes, but as a parent, you must still find a way to face any and all issues.

And this is exactly what Jason Hilley, a dad who did not really like the way his teenage daughter had been dressing lately, did in his own curious way...

Kendall, his teenage daughter, never missed a chance to show off her new shorts, inside and outside the home - very short shorts that, according to her father, left little room for the imagination and were not at all suitable for his daughter.

However, Jason did not lose heart and managed to teach his daughter an exemplary lesson!

via: Metro UK
image: Facebook

Sooner or later, the time comes when all fathers have to deal with the lifestyle choices that their adult daughters make and accept the fact that "their little girls" are now grown, women.

This is a process of acceptance that involves fathers from all over the world, constantly concerned about giving their daughters the best guidance and support they can.

At first, when Jason Hilley saw what kind of shorts his daughter was wearing, he immediately suggested that she buy a new and more suitable pair. Simple, right? Not exactly.

In fact, a few days after this confrontation with her father, Kendell again ventured to leave the house wearing the controversial shorts. At that point, dad Jason understood that it was time to take action.

image: Facebook

Instead of resorting to excessive punishment, dad thought of doing something that could really embarrass his daughter and all her friends on Facebook, and teach her a lesson! So, he slipped on a pair of shorts, exactly the same as his daughter's, and headed for her room with the excuse of wanting to talk to her.

The scene, absolutely hilarious, was immortalized by Kendall's mother who could not help but laugh from behind the camera. As soon as he entered his daughter's room, Jason ordered her to put on her shorts: "Let's see who they look the best on!"

Of course, his daughter Kendall and her little brother could not stop laughing at the sight of their father wearing a pair of very short women's shorts! But dad Jason continued joking and threatening his daughter, by saying, "If you do not put them on right now, I'll come to pick you up from school every day dressed like this!"

image: Facebook

His daughter, who could not stop laughing, obeys him and puts on her shorts, too and says, "But, look, dad, my shorts are not really all that short!" to which he promptly responds "And neither are mine!" 

Jason shared his hilarious video on Facebook, which received more than 800 thousand shares, many of them from parents who, every day, fight this same kind of battle with their daughters.

image: Facebook

This dad's lesson is very simple and it is very clear in the video on Facebook: "Do you want to wear your too short shorts in public? Well, I'll wear mine then!"

Faced with the embarrassment that only a parent can cause you in certain moments of life, we are certain that a teenager like Kendell will give up the notion of wearing shorts that are too short and revealing to wear to school.

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