The who daughter kept leaving her room…
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The who daughter kept leaving her room in a mess: her mother cleans up by putting everything into garbage bags

May 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Being parents means, at some point in life, having to share the house with people who in most cases do not want to respect the basic rules of coexistence. It is classic for teenagers to leave everything in disorder and not take the slightest care to put the objects they use back in place. What we are going to tell you is a story that maybe will sound very familiar to you and that will bring a smile from you when you read the crazy idea of this mother.

Alice Velasquez is the mother of three children and has to deal with their adolescence. Her daughter Thalia is going through that typical phase in which youngsters don't spend even a minute of their time tidying up what they use and their bedroom. Thus, every day Alice has found herself picking up from the floor, used clothes, food, cell phones and anything else that the teenage girl scatters throughout the room.

Tired of having to fight with her daughter and always having to repeat the same things about order and cleanliness, Alice had an idea. One day she entered the girl's room and started to put everything she found in disorder into rubbish bags, without bothering to sort out the objects by type.


Upon returning, Thalia found practically all her belongings tied up in sacks without being able to know where was the outfitshe needed for the gym, the tablet or anything else was. It did not end here, mom Alice told her that to get her things back she could buy a bag - of which neither she nor her daughter knew the contents! - for "only" 25 dollars.

As if that wasn't enough, Alice thought it a good idea to publish the photos of her "cleaning" on Facebook to "intimidate" Thalia's friends or to give a hint to their parents.

Thalia has had a good lesson about the order and rules of coexistence in the house!

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