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Every day this dog helps his human friend…
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Every day this dog helps his human friend to take in the harvest in the fields, in real teamwork

May 23, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The kindness and closeness that an animal can show to its human friends is a truly boundless feeling. For us, a dog or a cat will always be there, despite adversity, difficulties and harsh conditions. With unconditional love, our animals are close to us, giving us a lot in exchange for little.

This is why it is so wonderful to have the privilege of keeping them by our side. The guy we're about to tell you knows this well. A young man who, in order to live, works hard in the fields, and by his side has a very special companion-helper: his dog.

Taking care of the harvest is certainly not an easy or effortless task for those who work the land. The work is considerable, and often to do everything you need to be able to carry heavy weights and work for many hours. Fortunately for him, however, this young man has a splendid dog, an animal that understands very well when it is time to get down to work to help his human friend. 

The owner is not the only one to carry bundles of grass and twigs on his back: the dog also does it, obviously to a much lesser extent and without too much weight as to damage him, but demonstrating that he can give a great help. It's real team work, therefore, taken in a video shared on social networks that has gleaned many reactions of admiration from viewers all over the world.


From the pictures, it seems a completely normal scene that these two friends and workmates are enacting when it comes to looking after the harvest. After all, when you care about the people who are around us and take care of us, collaborating becomes a great way to make our affection and closeness felt. A scene that reminds us - if still needed - how important it is to take care of our four-legged friends, who can be a real gift for our happiness. 

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