An abandoned puppy takes shelter behind an old shoe: a man saves him and gives him a second chance -
An abandoned puppy takes shelter behind…
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An abandoned puppy takes shelter behind an old shoe: a man saves him and gives him a second chance

August 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Abandonments related to pets, especially dogs, are increasingly frequent in summer, but certainly not limited to this time of year. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which owners get rid of a puppy even just a few months after buying it or to rescuing it from a kennel, especially if it is a "gift for the children". Dogs, however, are not toys and must be cared for throughout life, from day one. That is why there are people who spend their time and energy on a daily basis to save these unfortunate creatures.

Goran Marinkovic is exactly one of those men who has always saved the defenseless animals in his city, whenever he has had the opportunity. When Goran spotted a tiny, sickly-looking dog trying to take cover behind a sneaker, he didn't think twice and took the pup with him.

The puppy in question had been abandoned in the garbage, completely alone: there was no sign of a mother or any other dog around. The little dog was trying to sleep in the shelter of an old sneaker - a scene that deeply moved Goran. The puppy was very hungry, maybe he hadn't eaten for days, and his physical condition didn't seem the best. So Goran immediately went into action: he took the puppy in his arms and carried it away from that unhealthy and filthy place. The man paid for all the necessary visits to the vet and the medicines needed to ensure that the puppy recovered as soon as possible.

After some time, the little dog named Smesten - this is the name that Goran gave him initially - began to regain his strength and to show his true nature: he was a playful and very energetic dog! So Goran decided to adopt him and to welcome him forever into his home; on the other hand, he could not have done otherwise, - despite Goran saving many abandoned animals, Smesten had literally stolen his heart!


Being a volunteer and carrying out a job like Goran's is not easy, also because you get attached to all the animals and love them in equal measure. Furthermore, there are expenses to cover and the number of animals you cannot help is always very high.

Smesten probably couldn't even have imagined that his life would change for the better shortly thereafter, but luckily he met Goran on his way!


Today Smesten is a happy dog loved by his new family, all thanks to Goran's kindness, love and incredible work. One man will certainly not be able to defeat the problem of stray and abandoned animals alone, but he can certainly make a difference for some of these poor creatures.

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