This dog has "shocked" the web with its curious appearance: its face resembles a human being

Alison Forde

November 05, 2021

This dog has

At least once in your life, when you've stopped to stroke a puppy on the street, you will surely have heard the phrase: "He has such a human look, he seems to be talking with those little eyes." Indeed, many times our dogs seem to want to talk to us through their expressive eyes. Yet, there is a small dog that not only seems to communicate with his eyes, but with his whole face due to his incredible human features. If you thought you had seen everything, you are very wrong ...

via Inside Edition


Recently, this photo of a small dog has gone viral on the web and by looking at it closely you immediately understand why: the animal's face seems to be like the face of a human being! Yogi, is a Shih-Poo puppy, a breed resulting from a cross between a Shih Tzu and a poodle. Like him, there are many examples of Shih-Poo in the world, however, this three-year-old doggy is one of a kind. Observing him from the right angle, in fact, it seems like looking at a human face! A similarity that could not go unnoticed on the web.

When Chantal Desjardins, proud of her puppy, decided to post some of their best photos online, Facebook users immediately realized the unusual features Yogi has. The owner of the dog herself, reading the comments could not help but notice the similarity between Yogi's face and a human face.

If you too, on looking at the photo of this cute little dog, seem to observe a human face rather than that of a dog, don't worry, it's all normal and science can explain this strange phenomenon. In fact, it seems that numerous pieces of research have been carried out in this regard, arguing that the human brain is programmed to recognize anything resembling a human face on certain objects or even in certain animals faces.


This is a phenomenon that science calls: "child's schema" or more precisely "pareidolia", that is the tendency of us human beings to look for human features in objects or living forms of any kind. Just as clouds can remind us of the profile of a human face, a dog's face can also remind us of a familiar face. 

Precisely because of this strange phenomenon, little Yogi became famous for his resemblance to many celebrities. Some people, in fact, think the dog looks a bit like Zach Galifianakis or Jake Gyllenhaal. Others even claim that he has traits similar to Topher Grace or Ed Sheeran. 

In short, given the comparison with these famous celebrities, Yogi can only be proud of his look and enjoy his 15 minutes  of fame!