Pitbull alerts mother that her son was…
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Pitbull alerts mother that her son was having a seizure in the bathroom

January 24, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Who says that animals are not intelligent? The story we are about to tell you shows just how much our furry friends can help us in situations of grave danger. In fact, it is not just a matter of having a pet, but having a real "friend for life".

The mother who features in this story woke up suddenly due to her dog barking constantly and seeming to behave very strangely. When she got out of bed, she discovered that her son had passed out in the bathroom with a seizure and was in deadly danger. This is yet another wonderful story of how man's best friend can be of invaluable help to a family.

Ember is a pit bull who was adopted by the Daniels family, who reside in the state of Ohio (USA). The Daniels adopted this dog thanks to an organization that aims to save stray dogs, called "Adore-A-Bull".

"We were told that she was a loving and intelligent dog," said her owner Tracy, "but we never expected such devotion." After being adopted, the puppy Ember immediately fell in love with one of the Daniels' children: their 10-year-old boy named Tre. The two quickly became best close friends - inseparable in games and in their free time!

The night Tre got sick, Ember immediately felt that the child's behavior was not normal. She had probably seen Tre get sick and collapse without anyone else from the family noticing. In any case, she intervened in her own way. She went to Tre's parents' bedroom and woke them up with a strange growl. It wasn't a sound Tracy had ever heard Ember make before and it immediately worried her. Later the woman said: "It is thanks to our dog that our son is still alive. In fact, it is thanks to her that we found him in time and that we were able to take him to the hospital so that he was treated in quick order".

"We were asleep and she sat down by the bed," Tracy said, "she was making this very low growl. It wasn't even a growl, it was just a weird kind of howl." The fact that the dog was so insistant made the Daniels get out of bed and they were practically forced to follow her into the bathroom. Here they made the horrifying discovery: little Tre was having a seizure. The boy was rushed to the hospital to be checked out thoroughly. Fortunately, the situation was quickly resolved thanks to the prompt intervention of the doctors who gave Tre appropriate medical attention.

The management of the Adore-A-Bull association made this story public since the dog had been adopted from them: "It is a moment of great pride not only for our organization," said a spokesperson "but above all for what this dog has done - a dog that had been abandoned. She was a lonely puppy abandoned on the street, and she had no family and no one to protect her. "

Generally, Pitbulls are thought to be aggressive animals, but for each dog breed there are various factors that affect the dog's character and behavior: "They are just normal dogs" said the head of the association, "they are strong dogs, it is true, but the dogs always behave in the way they are taught to by their owners. Ember's case is happy, clear proof of this."

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