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17 images of rare sweetness that illustrate…
A four-year-old girl throws her father's smartphone into the sea because he would not stop using it during their vacation! Believing its owner to be in danger, an adorable Newfoundland dog rescues its owner by dragging her to safety

17 images of rare sweetness that illustrate the wonderful friendship between children and dogs!

August 19, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Children and dogs have one thing in common --- both do not rely too much on speech to express their feelings, and let their gestures speak for them. Maybe, it is because of this that they manage to create such incredible emotional bonds! 

In fact, their complicity is perfect! If they are both very young, they become inseparable playmates (and pranksters!). If instead, the dog is an adult, it soon ends up treating the human baby like its own puppy, protecting and always watching over the child. 

Here is a fantastic photo gallery that illustrates the sweet relationship between human babies and their four-legged friends.

"Here's what happens when she returns home from school in a bad mood ..."

This dog's technique to prevent his young friend from going to school is infallible!

image: KingAirATW

 Every time the baby cries, he runs to comfort him.

image: I_Ate_A_Queef

"Me and my puppy, around 1988."

image: GP_3

 Three years of intense friendship

image: DanielHillSKW

This dog was adopted only 20 minutes ago! Will it get along with this young boy?

image: GonzoGaddy

For Halloween, this child wanted a dog costume. Guess who inspired it?

image: JustBeSimple

"My 7-month-old son was playing on the floor when my wife's Pyrenean Shepherd dog came in. It was one of the most beautiful moments I've ever photographed!"

image: mporco511

"My daughter is at home with a fever and our dogs are taking care of her!"


 "My little nephew ... and his Labrador!"

image: uhwatwat

"Of course ... he does not look like us at all!" :-D

image: Belruge

"We had been looking for a companion for our 10-year-old son for a long time --- and yesterday we found his soul mate!"

image: thatpatti

"Our dog was sad because he had to wear a cone, luckily someone decided to console him!"

image: j1002s

"I think we have found a babysitter!"

image: FiveStands

 These two? INSEPARABLE.

image: skankboy

My son loves hugs. At first, our dog was not very happy, but now he seems to like it ... <3

On the other hand .. who among us does not have a pet or the memory of one that has remained in our heart? <3


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