"NO pets in the house!": 14 people who now can no longer do without their four-legged friends

Alison Forde

October 20, 2021


There are people who categorically refuse to have pets in the house, considering the environment unsuitable for coexistence, both for the animal and for themselves. "I don't want a dog in the house!" - is a phrase that is often heard from all those who are uncompromising on this position. However, it's these same people who, in the face of a puppy's pleading eyes, melt along with their beliefs. If, before hand, they could not bear the idea of having a dog or a kitten under their feet, now they just can't go anywhere without their four-legged friend following them in their every activity. This is the path of every uncompromising father or mother, who would never have thought they would adopt an animal. See for yourself:


1. "My father, who has always hated cats, and Linus: his cat!"


Reddit / EuqirnehBR97

 Look at that loving embrace!

2. "Caught hugging the dog who said he didn't want!"


Reddit / mischkazelenyy

 And it seems that he also sang his songs to him ...


3. My father announced that "the dog will not get on the bed or even in the car"

3. My father announced that

Reddit / queen_Maz

4. "My father wanted me to take my cat away when I left the house, but now he's changed his mind ..."


Reddit / DragonpaladinAlaine

From "When you leave home, you're taking your cat with you!" to "Do you really want to take your cat away?!", is just a few short steps.

5. "He never wanted a dog. I took this photo 4 days after they met"


Reddit / DreamersEyesOpen

As the user who posted the photo added, the puppy helped dad recover from stroke. Many times we underestimate the therapeutic power of our four-legged friends, but their help is really precious! 


6. My father: "CAN WE RETURN IT?". And my father a few days later: "Let's give him more space, are you comfortable? Let's read something together!"

6. My father:

Reddit / grapefruitmaven

It's truly amazing the positive change a furry pet can bring about! 

7. "My father, in the company of the dog he never wanted"


Reddit / sophieem96


8. "He didn't want me to delay the adoptions because he feared I'd get too attached to them. Now he's the one who doesn't want to give them away anymore."


Reddit / imasauceygirl

 Separations are always difficult!

9. "I'm more of a cat person"


Reddit / CharmingtheCobra

After adopting the dog in the picture: "Where's Penny? I need her! I can't sleep without Penny!".

How things change, right?



10. "He said he was firmly against hairless cats ..."


Reddit / literallyironic11

11. "My father didn't want a dog, but when this puppy from the shelter sat down on his lap and he started crying, I knew it wasn't like that"


Reddit / smtreger

 Welcome home Beni!

12. He said that "cats aren't as friendly as dogs". Now they eat ice cream together.

12. He said that

Reddit / entirelyunimportant

13. My father used to say: "Dogs are too big a responsibility".

13. My father used to say:

Reddit / More_spiders

This father has definitely changed his mind: "The dog is my favorite member of the family, because he comes to the park with me every morning!".

14. "My father didn't like cats at all. My father now"


Reddit / ksparklepantz