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A photographer discovers some mice living…
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A photographer discovers some mice living in his garden and builds them a fantastic miniature village


A photographer named Simon Dell became famous on social for his captured images depict breathtaking landscapes and animals in their natural habitat.

Lately, the man came across in a small family of country mice in his garden who have literally kidnapped his heart.

Instead of hunting them down, Simon, built a safe haven for his new friends and the photos that he publishes online on his social networks show how much the mice seem to appreciate his work!

Simon Dell is an English photographer who recently discovered that he has some new tenants in his backyard garden.

While he was cutting the grass he noticed the presence of a small mouse.


The man after he had captured the image of this little small with his camera decided to build him a shelter where the mouse could be fed and protected among the piles of wood.

Afraid for the mouse, due to his neighbor's cats, Simon also secured the area with a fence and then with a cardboard box, straw, and green moss, he built a small vacation house for the mouse who he named George.

In no time at all, there were two mice and Simon decided to expand the small residence. Building these shelters for the mice was a way for the British photographer to repay the mice for allowing him to take daily photos of them.


Being a nature photographer, the man tried slowly to recreate a habitat suitable for country mice but at the same time enjoyable for the photos that he wanted to realize.

In a short time, the other mice were joined by other families of mice and Simon was "forced" to build more rooms with different "security exits" that allowed the small mice to escape to escape in case of an emergency.


Over the months the village has grown in size and comfort becoming more and more capable of withstanding even the winter cold.

At the moment, Simon has counted five mice along with George and Mildred, the female mouse who is pregnant.


Obviously, this promises to another arrival of new mice for the holidays!

Space is not a problem, the pile of wood is quite spacious and Simon knows how to create more comfortable rooms for his small tenants.

The mice seem to love their new accommodations so much that now they have moved in permanently. Of course, this is due to the "resort" built especially for them by the photographer and the selection of natural foods that leaves for them every day.

In short, it certainly is a good life for the mice!

After all, Simon's garden has become like a small ecosystem.

In fact, every day, the garden is filled with hedgehogs, squirrels, a fox, and a grey heron who stole all the goldfish in the photographers fish pond!

What do you think of this little village that the photographer has created in his garden?

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