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22 images of animals that have decided…
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22 images of animals that have decided to stay close to their owner's even without their permission!


What a pet loves most is to be the object of lots of attention and cuddles from its owner

In fact, once a pet's primary needs have been satisfied, an animal, like a dog, will shift all of its attention to trying to find a way to be caressed and praised by its owner.

However, there is one thing in particular that marks the definitive conquest of your pet's heart and affection and that is when it follows you everywhere and makes a space for itself in your bed, beside you on the sofa or simply in your arms!

His coy look says a lot ...

My girlfriend and I have a pet that is a kind of small prairie dog and this is how they sleep!

image: johnsie07

My cat and I are very close ... do you see what I mean?

image: kwpotato

Here is the look his cat gives me every time I try to sit next to my boyfriend.

The place where a nap takes place does not matter! My husband's cat follows him everywhere he goes!

image: mdemouli

Happy in bed --- here is the smile of a dog that made it!

image: HellaClassy

"Hey, it's useless to look at me, I'm exactly where I should be!"

image: DeniseGrace

"I do not want them in the family photo!"

image: sombrabrz

"Have I already told you how much I love you today?"


"The two of us complete each other, don't you see?"

image: Milky_moo_cow

The most comfortable bed in the world.

image: Larsenator

Just leave the airways free, right?

image: vloss

"Hello momma, aren't we sweet?"

image: termytwo

I think this is the look of "I have stolen your boyfriend!"

Can you also see the challenge in the look that her dog throws at me when he is near my wife?

image: schowey

Here the hierarchies are now fixed and stable.

image: i_love_blts

"You are the best human that could ever happen to me!"

These two must be twins!

image: Pulvercity

"I can't stop touching you even when you are driving!"

image: 98ej8

"I am the one who decides when it is time to stop cuddling!"

image: lilredheadxo

"But why did you have to also wake us up today?"


Finally, one of the "places" most loved by cats to take a nap is snuggled up close to their owner's beard!

image: jaymemartin
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