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16 photos of animal friendships: so…
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16 photos of animal friendships: so curious and strange as to seem unreal


If you think friendship is a bond that can only be established between human beings, you are wrong; and not just because there are examples of incredible friendships between human beings and animals.

In fact, this should make us reflect on the fact that friendship is also possible between different species

After all, everyone feels better when they know they are not alone, and that they have someone that they can rely on - and certainlyno words are needed to communicate this. 

Here are some examples of friendships that, while seeming highly unlikely, really and truly exist!

1. After an initial mutual dislike, now the duck named Rudy and the Golden Retriever Barclay are inseparable friends.

2. Both stray dogs have been welcomed and given a home by some monks in Vietnam and since then the oldest has been protecting the younger one.


3. On the shores of Lake Van, in Turkey, it is easy to encounter these two friends - who are indivisible --- a cat and a fox!

4. This 8-year-old cat has welcomed the new member of the family that happens to be a very friendly puppy dog.

5. These two are friends who just love to exchange enthusiastic gestures of affection whenever they meet!


6. They have grown up together since they were puppies and have become best friends --- indeed, they have become like brothers!

7. In 2001, a very young Baloo - an American black bear - and Shere Khan - a Bengal tiger - were rescued from their tormentor, along with a third friend, Leo, a lion that, however, died in 2016. The other two continue to live happily together as friends!


8. Even now that they have grown up, these two cats continue to play and have fun together just like when they were kittens!

9. The parrot in the picture is just one of Bob, the Golden Retriever's nine friends (eight birds and one hamster) that he loves to carry around on his head and back!


10. Champy the horse and his friend, Morris the cat love to take long walks together - but perhaps, it is more correct to say that Morris loves to ride Champy!

11. Both Marang the rhinoceros and Elsa the goat have lost their mothers, but luckily they have their friendship to fill their lives with love!

12. When the impossible becomes reality! One day, the mouse Bernie began to chase the cat Galaxy! Yes! --- and immediately a friendship was born; now the two are always together.

13. This pit bull named Frank usually takes his blind friend Tito, a 16-year-old chihuahua with him on his daily walks!

14. At first, it was Charles, a bearded dragon lizard, and it was love at first sight. When Charles died, then Baby the cat started taking care of three other lizards.

15. The dog Henry and the cat Baloo cat love to travel together accompanying their owners around the world.

16. Alvin the cat spent two years alone in the Richardson family's house before Baron, a German shepherd arrived --- and today Baron is Alvin's dearest friend!

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