The owners abandon it at an animal shelter…
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The owners abandon it at an animal shelter because it is too big and aggressive and a DNA test reveals that it is 87% Gray wolf

March 14, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Although the most common pets are dogs and cats, every species in the animal kingdom can keep people company and therefore be classified as a pet.

From birds to fish, from turtles to spiders, everyone can have their own preferences regarding an animal companion, as long as the animal is treated with respect. 

It is certain that some breeds appear too wild and therefore, not very easy to domesticate; however, humans have never given up on the possibility of having a "special" friend, and this has given rise to hybrid species - like Yuki, the wolf-dog, the protagonist of this story.

image: Christaf

Yuki is not an animal like others - and his first owners must have discovered this pretty fast. Probably, as a puppy, it appeared to be a tender creature all fluffy hair and softness, but as the months went by its appearance became more and more defined, revealing its true nature. 

So, little by little, the puppy assumed disproportionate dimensions for a normal dog, while its temperament appeared to be rather shy and yet, sometimes quite aggressive.

These must have been the reasons that prompted Yuki's owners to abandon him in a dog kennel at only 8 months of age --- and there, his destiny seemed hopelessly and fatally marked.

Fortunately, fate had in reserve for Yuki, a different future. In fact, the volunteers at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary rescued Yuki from the dog kennel and took him to their center.  It is an animal shelter founded in 2001, in Naples, Florida, to offer a home to wolves, wolf dogs, cougars, and many other animals that are lost and injured. 

It is there that Yuki was given a DNA test, from which it emerged that he is 87.5% gray wolf, 8.6% Siberian Husky, and 3.9% German shepherd.


Yuki’s number one priority is to get us moved to a new facility! Our goal is to move from our 2.5 acres facility to a...

Pubblicato da Shy Wolf Sanctuary su Mercoledì 13 marzo 2019

This explained Yuki's huge size! In fact, he measures over 5 ft. (165 cm) and weighs 121 lb (55 kg). At the animal sanctuary, Yuki has found a home, and he likes living there. However, Yuki prefers women, and can become distrustful and not very friendly with anyone that he does not like.

On the other hand, this is a common behavior among the animal shelter guests, as Shy Wolf volunteer Judy explains: "We have pure-bred wolves that run away when they see new people, because they are usually very curious animals but also rather shy."

Despite his shyness, Yuki is a spectacular animal for his beauty, but it is best not to try to treat him like a domesticated dog. He should be left to live in peace because wolves, as everyone knows, are animals that tend to be reluctant to approach human beings, and no matter what, it is still in their DNA!

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