Dog's loud barking awakens his owners…
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Dog's loud barking awakens his owners who then save the lives of a drowning couple

January 08, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Do angels really exist? We will never know the answer to this question to a mathematical certainty, but we can certainly tell you with absolute certainty that many people and and other living beings that touch our lives are as close to being angels as one can get - even if they do not have the iconic wings which we are all used to seeing real angels as having. Even a cute dog can be an angel disguised as a four-legged creature, ready to save lives in the most unexpected way.

via: BBC UK

This is the story of Blinky, a cute little dog who lives with his two owners, Jacqui and Colin Fearon, in Nottinghamshire, England. The couple's house is located near a peaceful pier, but one particular night, the area around the pier turned into a terrifying nightmare. It turns out that that night, a couple was about to drown in the waters of the pier and only Blinky had noticed that something was seriously wrong. When the heroic little dog realized a disaster was about to happen, he barked as loud as he could, jolting his masters awake in the middle of the night.

When Colin and Jacqui looked out the window, they realized the danger that the two people were in. They ran down to the pier and tried to get the drowning couple out of the treacherous waters, and, at the same time, called emergency services to come and help rescue them. If it hadn't been for the constant and insistent barking of their little dog, who knows what could have happened to that couple? Luckily, however, the intervention of Colin and Jacqui Fearon was just in the nick of time and all's well that ends well, as they say.

Investigations into the causes of the incident took place on the spot and shortly afterwards.  The local police agreed that it had been an accident and the couple had had a very fortuitous escape. The accident happened because low temperatures had frozen the surface of the water around the pier. One of the couple had slipped on the ice and into the water.  When the person's partner tried to save him, he also slipped and fell into the water and also began drowning. What could have been a real tragedy has become a story with a happy ending thanks only to the quick actions of Blinky. Truly, Blinky is a four-legged angel, and was intelligent enough to notice, in the nick of time, that there was something very wrong on the pier, alerted his masters and who ended up ultimately saving two lives.

A real four-legged, angelic hero, there's no doubt about that.

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