A woman stops the traffic and saves…
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A woman stops the traffic and saves three dogs that were crossing the road: no one had stopped to help them

July 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Not all superheroes wear a colorful costume and long cape; not all the heroes we have always fantasized about have superpowers capable of defeating evil and making good triumph; sometimes, the strongest superpowers of all are that of empathy, generosity, solidarity, courage and love. When we lend a hand to those who are less fortunate than us or need help, we are making a gesture that is worth a thousand words and that we will never regret having done.

The hero of this story has no superpowers or a cape, but she certainly wore heels. Yes, because the woman who made this extraordinary gesture did as much as she could: she saved the lives of three puppies who were dangerously wandering on a particularly busy stretch of road; from the images, immortalized in a short video by a TikTok user named Brian Mogg, we see the superheroine getting out of the car and performing the heroic action. 

The woman in high-heeled shoes quickly gets out of her car as soon as she notices what is happening on that stretch of road: three lost dogs are trying to cross it at their own risk, running the risk of being run over; no driver of the cars passing by at that moment had noticed the danger that the three dogs were running, absolutely no one wanted to stop and rescue them or save them, except this anonymous woman, who got out of her car to protect them as best she could.

She tried to get them off the road by letting all three of them get into the trunk of her car, which she then managed to do thanks to the help of other people who miraculously stopped and gave her a hand ...



But if it hadn't been for this generous and courageous woman who had the audacity to stop traffic and rescue these cute puppies, who knows what could have happened in the face of the indifference of motorists who passed by and who didn't even stop to see if the puppies were okay.

But luckily this angel in heels performed a miracle and saved the lives of these defenseless beings: thank you for everything you did, nameless superhero!

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