This man takes care of a giant wolf…
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This man takes care of a giant wolf and plays with it like it is a puppy (+ VIDEO)

June 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The world of dog lovers is often divided between those who cannot live without a small "apartment" dog and then there are those who, on the other hand, have eyes only for large dogs. The subject of this story, Andrey Musienko, is one of those who does not know the meaning of half measures: instead of having a Labrador or a Saint Bernard - which in terms of size are not huge - he decided to dedicate his life to a wolf named Akela. Akela is a wolf that has now reached the size of an full, adult wolf. In the selfies that the man publishes on his social networks, Akela looks gigantic and it is hard to believe that such an animal can coexist and interact peacefully with the man.

The video in which Andrey is seen playing with Akela - in one of the many moments of relaxation the two spend together -  cannot fail to cause some worry and concern for the man. He is in a cage with a notoriously dangerous animal which, if he wanted to, he could tear Andrey to pieces in a matter of minutes. The dimensions of the wolf's head, compared to that of the man's, are truly impressive and make it clear just how big this majestic and legendary animal is.

Andrey is not the first person to be an owner of a wolf (to be honest, the man also takes care of other wolves besides Akela) and the "fashion" of wolves-as-pets is spreading rapidly, especially in Russia, but not without creating controversy . Of course, it is not a lifestyle choice that everyone can make and that is not actually advisable, given the natural aggression of the animal. In short, wolves are very far from being classified as a suitable pet or companion.

Andrey has even started a fundraiser to build an appropriate environment for Akela, which will be a faithful reproduction of her habitat, so that the wolf can move around freely and feel "at home", surrounded by the affection of the people who have taken care of her since she was just a pup.


Andrey is very popular on social media, especially on Youtube and Instagram, where he is known as the "Black Canadian Wolf", and where he publishes all his photos and videos in which he is shown taking care of his beloved wolves. If you are also a lover of these splendid creatures, you cannot fail to follow Andrey's adventures - but always remembering that wolves are wild animals and potentially dangerous to humans. In short, wolves are not at all like the German Shepherd or Labrador that you would like to play around with in your garden.

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