This woman hasn't been on vacation in…
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This woman hasn't been on vacation in years as she has to look after her pet toucan who is afraid of being abandoned

October 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Having a pet is wonderful in many ways, but it certainly depends on the pet in question! No animal lover will tell you that keeping a particular species is hell, but for some animals there are certainly some unusual demands. Raising a toucan, for example, is by no means the same as caring for a caged budgie, as it requires care and attention (and at a cost!) well beyond the reach of most people. Janelle Tsao, 35, and her girlfriend Arielle, 40, were excited when they first saw Touki, a small toucan in a breeder's cage. Since Touki came into their lives, Janelle doesn't regret anything, but warns: "Having a toucan is not for everyone, I haven't been on vacation for two years."

via: Mirror

There are people who buy or adopt animals almost for fun, as if they were a fashion accesory, - for exotic animals this is perhaps more valid than for other species, but we mustn't forget all the puppies who are adopted and, after a while, systematically abandoned in Street. Janelle, who is "mom" to a very special toucan, says that an animal like hers is definitely not the right pet for everyone, even if "on the internet he looks so cute!". She and her girlfriend, Arielle, don't regret having adopted Touki, but both have made a considerable investment: Janelle can never leave home, unless there is another adult present to control Touki. Toucans are monogamous and become very attached to the person (or at most 2 people) who raise them, in this case Janelle and Arielle, and they struggle to accept it when their human's leave them. That's why Janelle always has to find a replacement and, even in this case, the situation can still become unpleasant: the toucan screams and croaks like a parrot, until Janelle returns home. This is why the woman, after two years, cannot afford to take even one day away from home!

Animals, on the other hand, are a responsibility! And to be honest, there is also a considerable cost: Janelle spends around $80 a month to provide Touki with fresh, exotic fruit, berries, dates, etc ...

Moreover, there are many precautions to be taken at home, since toucans fly, are very curious and "go to the bathroom every 5 minutes". Janelle's house is completely covered with plastic sheets, especially on the sofas and areas that could become irreversibly dirty, precisely because of Touki's feces. Obviously, cleaning up well is essential. Beyond these undoubtedly limiting aspects, Janelle could not imagine herself living without her Touki: it is like having a baby or a "flying" monkey. Touki is curious, intelligent and affectionate and his mistresses love him unconditionally. Both, however, warn the casually curious and animal lovers that to take care of a toucan you have to be "professionals". Let's enjoy watching Touki's funny videos, but don't get the strange idea of going to buy a toucan without actually being prepared to give it all the care it needs!


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