This couple has built a special bed…
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This couple has built a special bed for all the dogs saved from animal shelters that now live with them at home

November 30, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every dog ​​owner knows the pain of not having enough space in their bed for themselves and their four-legged friends that live with them.

And we all know that the ownership of the bed actually belongs to dogs, especially, if you have more than one dog! Everyone wants to get on the bed, but if you throw one out, all the others also have to receive the same treatment.

An American couple has found a way to solve the problem: All they needed was a much bigger bed, and that's it!

via: Today

image: Mr Mo Project

After spending yet another night with eight dogs in their bed, Chris and Marisea Hughes decided that something had to change!

They hired a furniture manufacturer to create a personalized bed big enough for all of them. This bed took six months to build and even has a customized ladder to allow the older dogs to climb up on the bed and also a set of drawers for the bed linens and storage space for blankets in the bed frame.

The designer, Mike Ford, claims to have added a hand-carved paw print to the headboard, inspired by his elderly dog named Bailey who has now passed away.

Chris and Marisea have been running a non-profit organization called Mr. Mo Project for years, saving elderly and sick dogs from animal shelters and their mission is to find them permanent homes for the rest of their lives and take care of their medical expenses. 

image: Mr Mo Project

Finding homes for elderly or sick dogs can be difficult due to the special medical care needed and the costs involved.

Nevertheless, this is the main goal of the Mr. Mo Project: to provide an animal hospital placement program for these elderly dogs during their final days and cover all the expenses!

With these impressive goals and their passion for dogs, it was child's play for the Hughes to find as many dogs as possible to take into their home ... and get them all to sleep in one huge bed!

Obviously, their eight dogs love their new sleeping space and now both Chris and Mariesa also feel more lively and finally ... rested!

image: Mr Mo Project

Chris and Mariesa Hughes's wonderful initiative and their brilliant idea that solved their sleeping problem with thier dogs hopefully will find favor and success also outside the US borders.

In fact, perhaps this solution can become over time an alternative solution to the traditional animal shelter for hundreds of thousands of stray dogs throughout the world. Well done!


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