This pet penguin with a backpack goes to a local fish store every day to pick up pre-ordered fish -
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This pet penguin with a backpack goes…
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This pet penguin with a backpack goes to a local fish store every day to pick up pre-ordered fish

December 13, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Now, thanks to the Internet, we have seen all sorts of things! Wild animals that drop by for a visit in someone's house, animals that go shopping in stores, and other funny images or videos that have made us smile more than once.

However, this story, perhaps, you will find more interesting than just another funny kitten! In fact, here we have - a pet penguin with a backpack that, every day, goes to a local fish store to pick up some fish for his owners.

That's right! In Japan, there is a penguin named Lala that, after being trapped in a fishing net, was rescued by a fisherman and now lives with him and his family.

Lala, a male penguin now lives with the fisherman's family and even has an air-conditioned room all to himself.

Every day Lala goes to a local fish store, where a woman who sells fish waits to give Lala a pre-ordered wrapped package of fish. It looks like an impossible scenario, which you would never believe if you did not see it for yourself.

So, for all you unbelievers, you can watch the video in which Lala walks around the city with his backpack!

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