This pet penguin with a backpack goes to a local fish store every day to pick up pre-ordered fish

Now, thanks to the Internet, we have seen all sorts of things! Wild animals that drop by for a visit in someone's house, animals that go shopping in stores, and other funny images or videos that have…

Every year this penguin swims for 5000 miles and returns to visit the man who saved him

Friendship is a feeling that can manifest itself between the most varied individuals and in the most diverse ways. Would you ever think that a man and a penguin could be best friends? If the answer is…

This little penguin plays with snow for the first time, his reaction is extraordinary!

Is it really impossible to take your eyes off the strange behavior of this penguin, perhaps happy to see the snow. These animals are extremely agile and hydrodynamics while swimming, but their skills…

One lucky penguin finds an unusual refuge

The life of a penguin in Antarctica is really difficult, especially if it is chased by a pack of hungry killer whales. The penguin is slower but much more agile and clever, and after a short chase it…
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I go wherever you wanna go. Let's try!

Who would not want to find yourself playing with an animal so cute?

Penguins falling down, so funny!

Penguins struggling with the ice and rock climbing. They are so funny, hope they didn't get hurt.

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