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Every year this penguin swims for 5000…
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Every year this penguin swims for 5000 miles and returns to visit the man who saved him


Friendship is a feeling that can manifest itself between the most varied individuals and in the most diverse ways.

Would you ever think that a man and a penguin could be best friends? If the answer is negative, you might think again after reading the story we are about to tell you.

The protagonists, a former ex-construction worker and fisherman and a very nice Magellanic penguin, who decided to show its gratitude to his human friend in a truly incredible way.

When Joao Pereira de Souza saved him, Dindim, this is the name given to the penguin in question, was on an island beach off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, and the penguin was covered in petroleum having barely survived an obviously critical and difficult situation.

For the man, bringing the penguin to safety was an absolutely natural reaction dictated by compassion. He did not think, however, that the future would give them the opportunity to establish a truly unique friendship.

After being rescued and given the name, Dindim, the penguin, cleaned up and restored to life, had no intention of saying goodbye to its benefactor.

For a week, when Joao tried to free the bird and return it to the sea, Dindim did not want to go away,  evidently still shaken by what had previously happened to him in the water. However, in the end, the penguin decided that it was, indeed, time to separate itself from the man.

It is not difficult, however, to imagine the fisherman's utter surprise when, after a few months, he saw Dindim return to the beach from which it had left him.

Not only that, in fact, the animal had returned to the man who had saved it from the oil spill, but Dindim also immediately decided that it was the case to follow Joao home.

The really impressive thing is that to return to see his friend again, Dindim had traveled between 3,000 to 5000 miles (5000 to 8000 km), swimming to Brazil from off the coasts of Chile and Argentina, where he had evidently gone to reproduce during the mating season.

What is more, the Dindim treats Joao as an equal. The penguin lies down at Joao's side, allows himself to be fed, sits and rests on Joao's knees and adopts many other typical behaviors of a domestic "pet".


After the first visit, Dindim has returned every year for four years, in June, to stay with his human savior and friend, and then he leaves around February.

This behavior is truly surprising! In any case, it seems that the penguin has decided to consider Joao as a member of his family and surely Joao feels the same.

Such amazing stories and displays of unconditional friendship are things that make us smile and reminds us of how much good there is in the world!


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