A bride asks to be accompanied to the…
She gave up nursing her son long time ago but discovers that her mother-in-law does it secretly for him: mother goes on a rampage She sees her son's hands dirty with grease and asks herself:

A bride asks to be accompanied to the altar by her biological and adoptive fathers: a moving scene

October 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Parents aren't only the biological ones, but also and above all those who have raised their children with love and for whom it's not a blood bond that makes the difference. Every adopted child, however, at some point in their adult life, has the urge to look for their biological parents. Nowadays, there are many computer and technological systems to help find information on people and kinship and thanks to them, with a little patience and a bit of luck, it's possible to trace back to the desired information. Kara Miller knew she had been adopted when she was only two days old and although she grew up very peacefully and happily in her adoptive family, she always wanted to meet her biological parents. Thanks to careful research, Kara was able to track down her father. On her wedding day, Kara asked both of her dads to accompany her to her altar - in a very moving scene.

via: People

Kara was adopted when she was only 2 days old, by Doug and Dana Ashby, impeccable adoptive parents. Dana, her mother, knew that Kara would like to find out the identity of her biological parents - a wish that probably all adopted children have - so she suggested that she take advantage of the free DNA testing kits, distributed by MyHeritage. It was 2019 and Kara, at the time, still did not know that a couple of years later she would be accompanied to the altar by both her fathers, the adoptive one and the biological one.

Mark Wadley, in fact, had had Kara when he was 19, but he hadn't known anything more about her: "I never knew that day would ever come. I never thought it would happen. I always wondered where she was, how she was and all, but I never knew if it would ever happen or not." When he found that their DNA had matched, they wasted no time and set the date for the father-daughter meeting a couple of weeks after the big discovery. "I was very nervous but also very happy," Mark said, "I told her we had to meet and we scheduled a meeting two weeks later. But after a few days I felt I couldn't wait that long and I asked her to meet up sooner. We live a 2 hour drive from each other, so we met in a bar".


Kara got married on September 18th and for this very important event she asked her two dads to be present. You can imagine what an honor it was for Mark. "It was fantastic," said the young bride, "this day was far more perfect than I ever could have had. It was all wonderful!"

What can I say ... best wishes!


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