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A crying mom is kicked out of a water…
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A crying mom is kicked out of a water park - she was breastfeeding her baby

September 03, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Breastfeeding is very important for the development of a child. Firstly, because breast milk contains unique nutritional benefits. Secondly, because this practice increases the intimate bonds between mother and child, in addition to supporting the baby's sense of security. When confronted with a woman with her baby attached to her chest, there are, however, those who turn up their noses; although it is a natural and innocent practice, it is sometimes not possible for some people to separate it from other connotations.

via: ABC 13

Misty Daugereaux, a 32-year-old nurse living in Texas, found herself in this situation. One morning the woman took her children to a water park for some refreshing fun on a particularly hot day. While breastfeeding her 10-month-old baby, she was called over by the pool manager who asked her to cover herself. Misty not only felt embarrassed but also offended, so she refused and vigorously protested.

At this point, the staff at the waterpark called the police. According to reports from the operators, the woman was excessively "on display" and reacted with gratuitous violence. When she saw the officers arrive, Misty felt relieved, sure that the police would be on her side. Local law protects the right to breastfeed wherever the mothers are allowed to be.

Unfortunately, it didn't go like that. The police officers took the part of the park owner and then firmly invited Misty to leave from the pool with her children, in tears and unsupported.

Images of the woman went viral and received many shares. A group of mothers from the local community gathered in front of the gates of the water park with their children, in a sit-in protest in favor of breastfeeding and in support of Misty.

This is a case like many others in which neither common sense nor compromise prevailed. Every mother has the right to feed her child, without having to come into conflict with the opinions and sensitivities of others. Breastfeeding in the open air must be a right for all mothers, let's never forget that.


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