10 signs that your relationship may have reached a dead end

Cylia Queen

July 27, 2020

10 signs that your relationship may have reached a dead end

When a long-term relationship or marriage isn't working anymore, you notice that small insignificant things can even cause big problems. A word not said, a dirty look, a sudden change in mood or attitude: these are all generally indications that tell us that our marriage might not be going in a positive direction. Our partners are no longer the person we married or that we saw ourselves spending the rest of our lives with. They've changed, but so have we; and so has the love we used to have for them.  

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The following are 10 signs/indications that your relationship might be coming to an end. 

  • The sparks are gone: although the honeymoon phase was great, many couples start losing interest for each other just a couple years after they've been together. If you start noticing yourself wanting to spend less time with your partner, or perhaps when you look at them, they no longer bring that smile to your face anymore, it might be time to move on. 
  • Neither of you are growing: in most healthy relationships, there's always room for both partners to "grow". If you feel like you haven't grown as a person since you started dating your partner, you might want to start asking yourself why that is. 
  • You don't feel loved or desired: if you feel like your partner isn't giving you what you feel like you need in the relationship, don't blame yourself... chances are, they are just not the right fit for you. 

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  • You're always giving, never receiving: a partner should never put their interests before yours. A healthy relationship is one that is made up of reciprocal actions, where each of you are giving and receiving equally. It definitely isn't where you're giving everything and not getting anything in return. 
  • Your conversations always finish in fights: when all your conversations finish in arguments, that's usually a clear sign that something in the relationship is not working. 
  • The trust is gone: When you stop confiding in your partner about everything going on in life (or vice versa), that's a big sign that the trust in the relationship is no longer there. 
  • You feel trapped: If you think of your relationship or marriage as a cage, you're more than likely not happy. If you feel like you've lost sight of who you are (i.e. your interests, hobbies, etc.), it's probably better for you to get out of the relationship.