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3 signs that can help us realize that…
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3 signs that can help us realize that we have finally found our soul mate

July 28, 2020 • By Alison Forde

We see them for the first time, our eyes stare at theirs intensely for a few seconds, we cannot stop looking at them; something in us understands that the person we just met fleetingly could be the partner of a lifetime. We start talking to them, we exchange cell phone numbers, we go on dates, and then we fall hopelessly in love. But how do we distinguish between a simple crush on someone, and the one that is exactly right for us?

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Here are 3 signs that can help you understand that you have chosen the right person:

  • They love you for who you are, and do not want to change you: if your partner accepts you exactly for who you are, for your physical appearance and in your way of thinking, in your points of view and in your opinions, then they are for you . If not, if they always try to criticize you with regard to these aspects, then most likely they are only dissatisfied with their life, chasing a model of a companion for life that does not exist in everyday reality.
  • They always encourage you to pursue your goals: the perfect companion will always be the one who will encourage you to realize your dreams, to pursue your goals, to successfully finish your endeavours. If, on the other hand, they feel jealous of your successes and goals, rest assured: they don't love you for what you are and they are absolutely not for you!
image: Pikist
  • They takes care of you expecting nothing in return: one of the strongest signals is that of selfless love; we do everything for the well-being of the person we love, without asking or expecting anything in return. Practically it is the rule of being good reciprocally: "if you are well, I am well too". Beware of those who will not bend over backwards for you, in times of need.
    If you are lucky enough to have a partner that perfectly reflects these three golden rules, good for you: you are living a fairytale love story. Hold on tight!
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