Closing some doors is the best thing you can do to get back to loving yourself ...

Shirley Marie Bradby

January 14, 2019

Closing some doors is the best thing you can do to get back to loving yourself ...

When things are not going well in a relationship, it is best to end that experience. More often than not, having the courage to terminate a relationship is actually an act of self-defense.

Ending the relationship is not an expression of hatred, but exactly the opposite; it is a demonstration of love for the other person and for ourselves. If the love relationship does not make us a better person, or it no longer produces positive emotions, then it is better to let it go.

Distancing ourselves from some individuals can cause suffering, but the pain is momentary and indispensable so that we can truly begin to feel better.



In the sphere of love as well as friendship, when we realize that the reciprocity is no longer the same, in order to not drag out a painful situation that will only get worse over time, it is better for everyone concerned to go their separate ways. 

Naturally, we never leave light-heartedly but when love or friendship has become sterile and no longer transmits complicity and ability to understand each other, it is best to open the door and let go of whoever needs to leave. 

When we perceive that a relationship is ending, the circle must be closed in a timely manner in order to give ourselves the necessary time to recover our lost joy and serenity.

We cannot keep a person in a relationship if that person is no longer pleased to be with us. We are not children who want at all costs a toy that is clearly not for them. We must show our maturity and detach ourselves from a love that is ending, without regrets for what it was, for what it has given us, but that now no longer gives us. 

We should take a cue from nature: a snake changes its skin by rubbing itself between two stones. It is painful but in the end, the snake has beautiful new skin. 

It is the same for love that is no longer beneficial. It is painful to remove it, but in the end, we are reborn enriched with a wealth of experiences regarding both love and ourselves that can be used in our daily and emotional life. 

Closing a door at the appropriate moment means to grow and mature, find stability and security and look to the future, knowing that it will be better than the present.