No matter how much we want them to stay, some people are destined to never be ours -
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No matter how much we want them to stay,…
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No matter how much we want them to stay, some people are destined to never be ours

February 10, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Whether it is conflicting periods of life, non-reciprocal feelings, attitudes or simply complex psychological situations, it is not always easy to manage the innumerable possibilities that relationships offer us.

For example, it may happen that we fall madly in love with a person without having our feelings reciprocated.

Such a context can be psychologically destabilizing, and perhaps we should ask ourselves seriously why some people "turn away".

And why they distance themselves from us and whether it is right that this should happen.

Here are some basic points to understand that sometimes, despite everything, it is really better this way.

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  • Don't push the situation in a direction that is not realistic or that actually does not exist.
  • Don't waste time with something that you basically know will never happen. Admit this—and you will feel better.
  • Don't leave spaces open in your life for people who don't deserve it, this only hinders your progress. Waiting for someone forever can make you miss out on fantastic opportunities.
  • Don't close yourself to others because you hope someone changes in the meantime.
  • Spend your time with friends and family, doing what you love - it is never a waste of time, trust me.
  • Don't give priority to someone who will never give you priority.
  • Trying to make something happen that cannot or should not happen will only end in disappointment for you.
  • Love yourself first. Only by learning to do this will your life improve significantly.

Therefore, no matter how much heart or how much effort, you employ in trying to make someone come back into your life, many people are bound by fate or for your own good to turn away from you.

You just have to learn to accept this fact and deal with it! 

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