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Loving children also means letting them…
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Loving children also means letting them move on and make their own mistakes

December 19, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Mothers and fathers all over the world have all been there at least once in their lives; one of the most beautiful and extraordinary gifts that life has given him is to have one or more children, human beings to raise, educate, love forever and have with them forever. But will it always be like this or is it right for parents, once the child has reached the age of maturity, to find a way to cut the metaphorical umbilical cord that unites them and to let them go?

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This is a dilemma that affects most parents who experience the moment of their child's new found maturity and their farewell (or goodbye) from the family home as an initially traumatic event. We are rarely ready to experience this detachment, to realize how much time has passed since we parents brought our little one into the world, that the years have flown by, that they have grown up and now that they have reached adulthood, they are about to leave the nest for a new, exciting adventure.

A new horizon that the child will live through without the presence of mum and dad, who have also raised, educated and shaped them for all these years. But let's always remember one thing: it's thanks to parental teaching that a boy or a girl becomes a healthy, balanced, principled and independent adult.

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Exactly, because after all, a perfect parent is the one who has managed to teach their child the importance of respect, good manners, knowing how to act in the world and be independent. So, for this reason, do not despair when he or she decides to pack their bags towards a new adventure: whether it is for study, for work or for love, this fundamental stage for each person is necessary to ensure that what you taught them about life has been worth something.

Dear mothers and fathers, don't cry when your child leaves home one day. Even when that day comes, know that you have done a great job: now your little one is no longer the child you remember from the past, but we can assure you that he is, and will always be, your irreplaceable child!

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