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A mother punishes her daughter by making…
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A mother punishes her daughter by making her sleep in a tent for the night: she had insulted a homeless man

December 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A parent goes to great lengths to teach their children what the world is like, to respect every point of view, every diversity, to be empathetic with those less fortunate. But sometimes, in order for our children to learn hard life lessons, mom and dad are forced to teach the hard way. And by this we certainly do not mean that we the use of violence, but the example that this mother gave which has raised discussion on the internet. 

via: Reddit

On a Reddit group, a mom shared her experience with her two daughters, one 16 and the other 14, believing she had raised polite, respectful and empathetic girls; yet Jessica, the youngest, had exhibited rude behavior towards a poor homeless man.

The eldest daughter, Jasmine, showed her mother a video in which Jessica railed against a homeless man who was begging from her: "Stop asking me for money, you would earn it yourself if you weren't so lazy and spend what you get on drugs. [...] Yes, some people are camping out for fun, even in December, you can't complain, you're living someone's vacation."

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The mother was appalled, and she knew she would have to teach her daughter a hard lesson. Here's what her plan was in her own words: "I locked the door to her bedroom so she couldn't get in, I put up a sign that says Closed for the holidays, I pitched a tent in the garden and I filled it with her with blankets and the sleeping bag I used when I was camping in Norway."

After that, the mother gave an ultimatum to her youngest daughter: either or she would sleep one night out in the tent to experience first hand how a homeless person lived, or she would have her cell phone confiscated, and the experiment seems to have worked. After the horrible experience of sleeping one night in the open, Jessica seems to have learned her lesson.

Was this mom too tough or did she act correctly by giving her daughter a lesson in empathy to remember forever?


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