Mom prevents her adult daughter from…
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Mom prevents her adult daughter from sleeping with her boyfriend when they visit her: "My house, my rules"

May 15, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It can certainly be difficult for parents to accept that their children have become adults, especially for those who find themselves having to raise a daughter. Especially in this case, the rules "to protect the child" double and the authoritative voice of mum and dad is often prolonged over time. But when should certain rules lapse? Surely it will be up to the daughter (or the son) to force their hands and make her parents respect her choices as an adult woman. This step could cause a clash in those families where the parents keep that so-called "old-fashioned mentality" and seem not to want to hear the reasons for perfectly legitimate requests from their daughter. A clash which was, unfortunately, inevitable. On Reddit, a mother publicly expressed her disdain at the situation she got herself into with her 25-year-old daughter. In short, the girl's parents have imposed a hard and fast rule on her daughter and her boyfriend: they can't sleep together when they visit mom and dad!

via: Reddit

The outburst from this mother has caused a lot of discussion among web readers, for several reasons. First, the protagonists of the story are a 25-year-old girl who has been engaged to a 26-year-old boy for three years. As if that were not enough, the two have been living together for two years, consequently they have been sleeping in the same bed for some time now. However, when they visit her parents, they are forced to sleep separately: "It's right, because they are not yet married" is the reply from mom and dad. These old-fashioned parents don't want to know about the fact that the two, in any case, sleep together even though they are not yet married, and they insist on the fact that "in their own home they make the rules, but when they are visiting under the parents / in-laws roof, they must comply with this rule. The daughter and her boyfriend, to tell the truth, have never disrespected this rule, but after some time, the daughter also wanted to point out to her parents how ridiculous this imposed rule was.

As a solution, the daughter decided not to visit her parents very often, while still respecting their rule. On the other hand, if parents are free to set the rules they want under their roof, isn't she also be free to not accept them? A solution that, of course, made the mother furious, who expected more frequent visits: at least once a month, as often as her son visits. The woman asked web users who was wrong in this whole affair and most of them clearly replied by slamming the sad truth in her face: "Do you want to make your own rules? Free to do it, but you are destroying the relationship with your daughter and her partner ".

What do you think? Does such a rule seem out of place to you? Tell us in the comments!


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