A mom discovers her son has been bullying other kids at school: as punishment, she sends him to school wearing a t-shirt that says "I am a bully" on it - WTVideo.com
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A mom discovers her son has been bullying…
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A mom discovers her son has been bullying other kids at school: as punishment, she sends him to school wearing a t-shirt that says "I am a bully" on it

By Cylia Queen

Parents have a huge responsibility when it comes to disciplining their children. No parent wants their children to misbehave or become problematic, but this doesn't mean that good kids won't act up from time to time. There are many schools of thought on what's the best way to discipline your kids and they each definitely have their pros and cons. It's also pretty common that parent's and doctors don't see eye to eye, like in the story we are about to share with you. A mother from Splendora, Texas decided to force her child to wear a shirt to school with "I am a bully" written on it after she found out her son had been bullying some of his classmates. Was she too harsh with him?  

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No one wants to find out that their kid is a bully. Every mother thinks of their child as an angel and, usually, the minute someone tells her otherwise, she doesn't want to believe it's true. When Star, the mother in this story, was told by her son's teacher that he had been bullying his classmates, she didn't want to believe it was true. However, if there's one thing she can't stand in the world, it's a bully, so she decided it was time to teach her son a lesson. Instead of talking to him about it, she made him wear a t-shirt to school that said "I am a bully," which he was forced to wear for the entire day. She also took a photo of her son wearing the t-shirt and posted it to her Facebook account. She didn't post the photo to embarrass her son, but to send a message to other parents that might be in a similar situation as her. 

The mom recieved a lot of negative backlash from the post, accusing her of not handling the situation in the right way. Although her son may have gotten in trouble for bullying other kids, perhaps his punishment was a little too harsh. After all, he is only 11 years old and probably doesn't even realize what he's doing. Even Dr. Richard Pesikoff, a child psychiatrist who works at Baylor College of Medicine, made a comment on Star's post. He claimed that it wasn't a good idea to embarass her own son like that as it would paint him in a negative light not only to others but also to himself. Dr. Pesikoff also added, "you need to find someone who can help you teach him right from wrong and his school could be a great resource to you." It appears as though the school is more on the mom's side, as they have already given her a positive report back on her son after wearing the t-shirt. Apparently, he is much nicer to his classmates and has even started treating his cousins better. What do you guys think? Did Star do the right thing or is Dr. Pesikoff right? 


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