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13 cats who didn't care about others'…
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13 cats who didn't care about others' opinions and did what they wanted

August 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Having a cat at home is no small job: demanding, elegant, apparently cold and detached, sometimes even selfish, our four-legged feline friends are among the most unpredictable and fun living beings there are. They will never care about your opinion or your point of view, they will always go their own way, even when they cause trouble and this results in completely hilarious pictures. Don't believe it? So take a look at this fun gallery of cats!

They don't care what others think: if they have to argue they do it the old fashioned way!

image: snoee/Reddit

This cat is truly shameless!


They don't care where they perch at all, it seems ...

The adult cat does not seem impressed with the "surprise" in the box ...

image: ND1516/Reddit

Why use the cosy bed if there is a fruit basket where you can sleep comfortably?


My cat is inexplicably attracted to my winter slippers ... who knows why!

Photographic evidence that my cat is shameless and steals cookies behind my back...


There is no window that stands up to them ... they will always be there!

Where does my cat like to sleep? On my face ...


Even if I hide my things, they always know where to find them ... heck!

image: h_h_c/Reddit

He wouldn't let us watch TV all day ...

This cat loves to perch on our plants ... and it's not even ours!

Very pleased to have destroyed his cardboard box!

 Cats are made like this: always and irreducibly incorrigible, there is nothing we can do!

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