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A dad breaks his son's XBox into a thousand…
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A dad breaks his son's XBox into a thousand pieces as punishment: he had been secretly stealing from his brothers

By Alison Forde

All parents only want the best for their children and to make them happy, often and willingly do everything to satisfy them  and make them happy by fulfilling their desires. To date, the most coveted desire of our children is to have a PlayStation or an XBox at home, a veritable kingdom of video games directly in the comfort of their own home. But not all parents' gifts come without anything in exchange, especially if mutual trust is lost ...

via: Viral Hog

The shocking images of a father literally destroying his son's Xbox as punishment have gone around the internet and split opinions; after the parents found out that their son was secretly stealing things from his older siblings, the father didn't think twice and gave him a choice that was then posted on YouTube: either a proper thrashing or the destruction of his XBox. In the end, the son chose the second option. 

In the video we see the father leaving the house with the Xbox in his hand, getting into the car parked in the driveway, placing the electronic device behind one of the wheels, starting the engine and backing up, literally crushing the game console, which is destroyed accompanied by the almost agonizing sound of plastic splitting into a thousand pieces ...

The video ends with the little boy who, repentant of his actions, runs into the house with tears in his eyes and crying in despair ...


Obviously the images of the "punishment" immediately went around the internet, sparking controversy between parents who took the side of the father and his harsh punishment, and those who instead showed solidarity towards the child, traumatized by this gesture which is, objectively, a little too ... extreme.

And you, which side are you on? Do you think this dad has gone too far with his punishment?


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