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A woman's purpose should be to live…
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A woman's purpose should be to live a happy life, not to nurse a man

By Alison Forde

How many times have we convinced ourselves that to live a happy and fulfilled life we need to find a caring man, get married, create a perfect family, be a mother of sound principles and a model wife? Many times we have imagined a fairytale future like this, but the reality is not a fairytale with a happy ending where everything always goes for the best, no. Living a life as a couple, loving the other party, being responsible for a family is much more, and often to preserve this fragile balance, we have missed what is probably most important thing: ourselves.

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Exactly, because one of the basic unspoken rules for a much happier life is knowing how to live well first with ourselves, and then with others. Yes, because we forget too often, in the background noise that is contemporary life, to know how to please ourselves, and instead we do nothing but strive to satisfy the needs of others.

For example, to maintain a romantic life with the person we think we love, we tend to compromise too many times; sometimes the male partner may not be like prince charming from the fairy tales we have always dreamed of: selfish, a lout perhaps too absorbed in his own needs and demands that turn you into his nurse maid, his emotional crutch.


This is why a woman has every right to rediscover the joys of living to the full, to enjoy the little things of everyday life, to find true happiness; and this happiness that always seems unattainable to us but instead is right under our noses and we don't see it, can be found by saying more no than yes, finding space for ourselves instead of for others.

We were not born to nurse anyone, or to compromise with our partner at all costs to maintain a romantic relationship that we care about; untying ourselves from these preconceptions opens the doors to a new horizon, a destiny that we were unaccustomed to seeing if not through our binoculars, from afar: happiness begins right where our endurance ends.

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