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5 things that many women who have reached…
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5 things that many women who have reached a certain maturity cannot tolerate in their personal relationships

November 06, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A woman, like all self-aware human beings, never stops evolving and over the years she acquires more and more awareness and love for herself.

While as a young girl, many women are inclined to feel more fragile, but when they reach a more mature age, it is as if the world is revealed to them in a completely new way.

Thus things begin to be lived differently and, above all, social contacts and personal relationships are managed in a totally different way.

This can happen to each woman according to her own stages of development, each with her own times, yet sooner or later many women understand that they have changed and come to expect more from the people they have close to them.

Consequently, one becomes much more selective in life and also in the choice of one's partner.

In fact, here are five things that mature women just cannot tolerate in their personal relationships:

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1) Lies and deceptions

A mature woman cannot bear to be deceived and cannot accept small or big acts of deception. Trust is the basis of a healthy relationship for her and she would not be able to remain in a relationship with a partner who is living a life of lies and deception.

2) Jealousy

Jealousy is a normal feeling if it does exceed a certain limit and if one does not try to change or restrict the other person. A mature woman does not want to waste time with those who are not sure of themselves and who transform jealousy into a sentiment that is manifested in an abnormal or "sick" way.

3) Emotional control

A woman who over time becomes aware of herself and of what she is worth will never accept a partner who tries to exercise emotional control over her. She has struggled too much to acquire her own viewpoints and her independence and she will not allow anyone to undermine her self-confidence in a deceitful and manipulative way.

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4) Lack of Respect

Respect is the basis of every relationship, be it love or friendship and it must never be lacking. Whoever is not able to respect, with facts and words, the person who they claim to love, is not worthy of the name companion.

A mature woman simply cannot tolerate a lack of respect.

5) Personal maturity

Personal maturity is a determining factor for a mature woman. Maturity does not mean becoming older and inflexible, and not knowing how to have fun anymore! No, what it means is knowing how to face life and relationships head-on and taking on serious responsibilities when needed. We are not talking about how many years one has been alive, but of emotional maturity, therefore, a companion with "Peter Pan Syndrome" is not for her.

The truth is that a mature woman understands that she can also feel good by herself and, therefore, if she decides to get back into the dating game and into a relationship, she will do it only if it is truly worth it.

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